The Board of the company is building a capital group. The construction of biosurfactants production line, started in 2014, is is nearing completion. The report for the second quarter of this year shows an almost threefold increase in assets – up to 24.36 mln zł (8.74 million in the same period of 2014) as a result from the introduction to the Boruta-Zachem property the value of new equipment and installations. In the second quarter of this year capital expenditures for the needs of the production line amounted to 3.4 million zł.


After completing renovations and engineering on the outside and inside of the factory building Boruta-Zachem made the purchase and installation of three consecutive bioreactors as well as most of the production line equipment. The integration work is underway, followed by the start and the verification of production parameters from laboratory to industrial scale. Boruta-Zachem already has a staff of experts, creators of the unique technology.


In the fourth quarter we will complete the construction of the production line. Surfactins production by living organisms can obtain additional, very valuable substances, eg. prebiotics. Therefore, in parallel we plan to produce a cascade productions- biorefineries. It’s a big undertaking, so to increase the security of business we established two special Boruta-Zachem – dependent entities: Boruta-Zachem Innovation and Boruta-Zachem Biochemistry. We will implement  the investment projects through these entities. We are proud that the company, with a great workload and capital outlay is not indebted. We intend to maintain a healthy financial situation, hence subsidiary. With such a strong project as biorefinery managing the risk associated with an increase in the number of projects is essential for safety, including financial safety – says Marcin Pawlikowski, Vice President of Boruta-Zachem S.A.


In accordance with the agreement on financial support the company was obligated to complete the construction of the production line by the end of 2015. Acceleration of work on diversification of production results from the analysis of the market for its core business conducted by the management of the company. As expected in the second quarter of 2014 Boruta-Zachem recorded in the second quarter of this year a slight decline in profit and operating income resulting from a decrease in production in the tanning industry. At the same time it reduced the operating costs and slightly increased profit on sales.

Data publikacji: 19.08.2015
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