The new financial perspective of the European funds in Poland (2014-2020) consists of 6 national and 16 regional operational programmes. That’s almost 77 billions Euro to spent. New programmes will support actions referring to 11 thematic objectives, common for all of the European Union:


  1. Strengthening research, technology development and innovation
  2. Enhancing access to and use and quality of information and communication technologies
  3. Enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium‐sized enterprises, of the agricultural sector, and of the fisheries and aquaculture sector
  4. Supporting the shift towards a low‐carbon economy in all sectors
  5. Promoting climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management
  6. Protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency
  7. Promoting sustainable transport and removing bottlenecks in key network infrastructures
  8. Promoting sustainable and high quality employment and supporting labour mobility
  9. Promoting social inclusion, combating poverty and all forms of discrimination
  10. Investing in education, training and vocational training for acquiring skills and lifelong learning
  11. Enhancing institutional capacity of public institutions and stakeholders and efficiency of public administration

European funds present a tremendous opportunity for the development of our region. Bydgoszcz Regional Development Agency monitors both the regional and national Operational Programmes. We actively look for opportunities of applying for the calls that match our Agency’s scope of  activity. We are also open to cooperation in the implementation of international projects (for example from Interreg or Horizon 2020). We support local entrepreneurs, providing them with the information about the opportunities created by a new EU financial perspective. We take an active part in consulting documents and regulations relevant to the implementation of Operational Programmes, making sure that they take into account the interests of the economic sector in our region.

Operational Programmes:

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