AgroKlaster Kujawy


ul. Bernardyńska 6-8

85-029 Bydgoszcz

tel. 660 594 109


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Agro Cluster Kujawy – regional organization of enterprises of agro-industrial sector


The modern organization of the business environment, integration in the areas of business and science with the support of the government and of government organizations of the agricultural sector.




event management that will support the development of the incorporated companies and establishment of cooperation between enterprises of agro-industrial sector, administration, industry associations, educational and research institutions and other interested parties as a result, to stimulate economic growth in the region.




To support the development of innovative companies through scientific experiments;


To organize visits to international trade fairs and job abroad;


To present the positions of the entrepreneurs of the agricultural sector in matters relating to the economy;


To provide cluster members with information about opportunities to support projects of external funding (grants, loans, etc.)

Business Centre Club

Department in Bydgoszcz

Hotel pod Orłem
ul. Gdańska 14
85-006 Bydgoszcz
tel. 502 398 876
tel. 52 583 05 30

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Business Centre Club was founded in 1991 as a multilevel organization supporting enterprise in Poland. BCC is an elitist business club and the biggest private employer organization in Poland. BCC affiliates over 2,000 members – entrepreneurs and companies (chiefly private-owned), jointly controlling PLN 120 billion ($30 billion) in capital and employing 600,000 people.


BCC also affiliates lawyers, journalists, scientists, publishers, physicians, members of the military and students.


BCC concentrates on lobbying activities aimed at furthering the growth of Polish economy, curbing unemployment and assiting entrepreneurs. All to-date Polish Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers have consulted with BCC members.


BCC members represent 249 cities. We run 24 regional BCC Chapters whose tasks include rallying business communities around local issues and cooperation with local authorities.


BCC is the initiator of the Dialogue Forum, offering various social groups a chance top communicate on issues crucial to Poland’s development. Several hundred Forum signatories belong to 25 national organizations grouping 1,800 public associations embracing more than 5 million people. BCC also operates a national Student Forum.


BCC is an international organization with ties to institutions in the EU, the U.S., Russia and Canada. Among BCC’s Honorary Members are Margaret Thatcher, Jacques Chirac, George Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and José Manuel Barroso. BCC membership is also held by more than 100 foreign firms.

Since its foundation BCC has advocated more social commitment in the business world. BCC members have jointly contributed over PLN billion to aid for children as well as elderly and handicapped people.


In June 2002 the Polish Prime Minister called up BCC members to the Tri-partite Social and Economic Commission. All BCC activities are coordinated by President Marek Goliszewski.


Surveys by the Indicator Market Research Centre (1997), the Public Affairs Institute (2000), the Pentor Opinion and Market Polling Institute (2004 and 2006) and GfK Polonia (2009 and 2011)  show that Business Centre Club is the most prestigious and effective organization of its kind in Poland.

Bydgoski Klaster Informatyczny

Bydgoski Klaster Informatyczny

ul. Kopernika 1

85-074 Bydgoszcz

tel. 52 50 656 50


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The Bydgoszcz IT Cluster it is an Association of ICT sector companies and Bydgoszcz universities. The organization was established in November 2013 on the initiative of Enterprise Investor Service Team (Zespół Obsługi Inwestora Przedsiębiorczości) of the Municipal Council of the City of Bydgoszcz and its activity complies with the Development Strategy of the Kujawsko-pomorskie province. The aim of the Cluster is the co-operation between companies, universities, scientific and research units and public administrations.


The statutory activities of the Association have focused on promoting economic development of companies and business initiatives; raising IT knowledge of the society; contributing to the development of the Association members, including the research and development. An important factor of its activity is promoting implementation of new technologies, with a particular emphasis on the transfer of scientific and research achievements to the economy.


The effect of the Cluster operation is the mutual interaction and cooperation of Bydgoszcz entrepreneurs in the ICT sector. The partnership networking enables direct contacts between companies, which results in new projects and joint ventures.


The Bydgoszcz IT Cluster undertakes lobbying activities in order to promote Kujawsko-pomorskie province as an attractive place for foreign investors and, first of all, as a powerful IT region. The Cluster very actively supports education in IT majors of Bydgoszcz universities. As part of cooperation with IT departments, the Cluster organizes meetings, training and apprenticeships and is seeking appropriate choice of educational paths, which may further affect the proper training of graduates.


Various projects, including conferences with the participation of the city authorities, visits of representatives of Polish and foreign clusters, for the exchange of experiences were organized on the initiative of the Cluster. Meetings of representatives of IT companies with enthusiasts of new technologies and IT solutions, organized in an informal atmosphere have become an inherent part of the Cluster activities. Periodical events such as BitCamp and BGD.web Meetup are arranged under the auspices of the Cluster.


The Bydgoszcz IT Cluster is an organization open to cooperation with new players in the IT sector.

Bydgoski Klaster Przemysłowy logo

Bydgoski Klaster Przemysłowy

Ul. Gajowa 99

85-717 Bydgoszcz


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The Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster was established in 2006 and incorporates companies of the tool and plastics processing industry and a range of business environment institutions, including universities, research and development units, offices, entrepreneurs’ associations and financial institutions. The majority of companies in the processing and tool industry are small- and medium-sized enterprises. Their activities are highly flexible. The cluster’s aim is the integration of processing and tool experts, representing their interests outside the industry and also establishing a network of business connections facilitating the operations of companies, access to human resources, technological development and an increase of production innovation. The enterprises of the Cluster offer high-quality moulds and other processing tools and also deal with the manufacturing of plastic products for various industries, among others: household appliances, food, medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, cosmetic and packaging industries.


The members of the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster constitute a chain of suppliers – they offer both polymers and additives: masterbatches, fillers, modifying agents. They manufacture a complete range of tools for plastics processing: moulds, blow moulds, extrusion heads, rubber injection moulds, along with machining tools: blanking dies, stamping dies and forging dies. The tools are made of steel and often based on standard parts provided by local suppliers. The processors manufacture a variety of products by means of injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding.

Wodociagi Polskie

Izba Gospodarcza “Wodociagi Polskie”

ul. Jana Kasprowicza 2

85-073 Bydgoszcz

tel. +48 52 376 89 10

fax. +48 52 376 89 29


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Chamber of Commerce „Polish Waterworks” (IGWP) is the only organisation of commercial self-government in the water and sewerage industry in Poland. It was founded on 14 September 1992 and today it brings together 450 water and sewerage companies.


The Chamber strives for creating convenient conditions for water and sewerage industry. Its representatives and experts constantly interpret and evaluate current regulations, monitor proposed amendments, participate in creating laws regarding the industry and introducing new solutions that improve its functioning. It also provides advice and trainings, as well as runs publishing company. The Chamber represents the interests of its members on the national scale, especially before state and local institutions. One of its fundamental missions is environmental protection.


The IGWP is a member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw, International Water Association (IWA) with a registered office in London and EUREAU (European Federation of National Associations of Water Services) with a registered office in Brussels. Through its representatives, the Chamber is very active in the three following EUREAU commissions: on drinking water, on waste water, on legislation and economics.


Since 1993 Polish Water and Sewerage Commercial Chamber has annually organised the WOD-KAN International Fair of Machines and Devices for Water Supply and Sewage Systems in Bydgoszcz, the most important in Poland and one of the major in Europe. Thanks to many years of endeavours, the Fair could take place in the new Exhibition and Fair Centre in 2009. Every three years Polish Water and Sewerage Congress on the most crucial matters concerning the industry are organised.


The Chamber’s priority is also to draw up and introduce technical standards. Currently in progress are “Model solutions in sediment management – instructions for planning the management of sediments from municipal sewage treatment plants”. Because of its long-term influence on a way the entire water and sewerage sector operates, creating standards for the water and sewerage industry is one of our key activities.

Nadwiślański Związek Pracodawców Lewiatan

Nadwiślański Związek Pracodawców

ul. Zelwerowicza 28; 85-183 Bydgoszcz

tel.: +48 509 398 688


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The Vistula Employers Association Lewiatan (VEA Lewiatan) is a regional non-profit organization uniting employers of the lower Vistula territory. VEA Lewiatan operates under ‘Employers Organizations Act of May 23 1991’.  The VEA Lewiatan focuses at a local industry, labor market and development, especially in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. The Association is a member of Lewiatan Confederation based in Warsaw.


The organization complies its goals by organizing meetings and debates with local and national authorities, conferences with academics and experts and trainings with clerks and employers.


The VEA Lewiatan representatives participate in social bodies such as Regional Social Dialogue Commission (WKDS), Employment Councils and The Monitoring Committee.


Organization is also dedicated to all projects focused on Vistula river and is well known for its work on this subject. The creation of complex Plan for Vistula, developing not only transport and industry, but also tourism and ecology, is the goal that VEA Lewiatan strives to. VEA Lewiatan is a signatory of numerous agreements with authorities, local non-profits and higher education institutions that were to lead to better development of Vistula. On of important goals is also restoration of waterways.


Along with trade union NSZZ ‘Solidarność’ Bydgoszcz Region The Association creates ‘Support for the Region’ platform, organizing periodic debates.


The organization runs an equipped office in Bydgoszcz. The Head of VEA Lewiatan Board is Roman Rogalski.


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