Collective water supply and sewage disposal fees

1 m3net rategross rate
water4,77 PLN5,15 PLN
sewage4,88 PLN5,27 PLN

Subscription for maintaining the water supply and sewerage facilities is not included in the rates and is paid in a form of an additional fee based on the maximum level of demand for water supply and sewage disposal services resulting from the type and the number of draw-off points installed at the customer’s premises. The subscription fee includes the maintenance costs of the supply and disposal system and is calculated based on the main meter indication.


Property tax rates

1 m2 areaType of land
0,95 PLNland related to economic activity, regardless of the classification in the Land and Property Register
4,80 PLNland under lakes used for retention reservoirs or hydropower plants
0,50 PLNremaining land including land used for paid statutory public benefit activity conducted by public benefit organizations
3,15 PLNundeveloped land covered by the revitalisation area and located in areas for which the local spatial
development plan provides for housing, services or mixed-use buildings covering only these types of
buildings, if a period of 4 years has elapsed since the date of entry into force of this plan with regard to
these land and construction has not been completed in accordance with the provisions of the Construction Law
1 m2 usable areaBuildings or their parts
0,81 PLNliving area
23,90 PLNassociated with running a business and residential buildings or theirs parts used for a business activity
11,18 PLNused for a business activity in certified seeds trade
4,87 PLNrelated to the provision of health services within the meaning of the provisions on medical activity, used by providers of those services
8,05 PLNremaining buildings or their parts including those used for paid statutory public benefit activity realised by public benefit organization
8,05 PLNfarm buildings
8,05 PLNgarages not connected with economic activity

Property tax rate on buildings – 2% of their value as determined based on Art. 4, par. 1, item 3 and item 3-7 of the Act on Local Taxes and Fees.


In the tax year 2020, property tax rates which were in effect in the Bydgoszcz City Council resolution XVIII/423/19 of 27 November 2019.


See the resolution for details

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