The scale of employment and consistent growth in the number of jobs and the broadening of the scope of business of companies with BPO, SSC, IT and R&D centers in Poland help strengthen the country’s position among major business services destinations worldwide. The numerous investment success stories lead us to conclude that having a presence in Poland offers a competitive advantage and boosts companies’ growth potential – ABSL (the Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland).


Bydgoszcz is becoming one of the main BPO/SSC centres in Poland. According to ABSL, this sector employs 8.7 thousand people in the City. Including a number of local IT and finance companies which provide services to international clients, the number grows to 10.000 people.

Employment in BPO, SSC, IT and R&D centres in various business services centres

Share of individual locations in the total headcount at business services centers in Poland

In terms of employment in Business Services Sector Bydgoszcz occupies 8th place in the country, generating 4% of all jobs created by the sector in Poland.

A clear distinguishing feature of Bydgoszcz is the dominant share of IT companies in the local structure of the sector, which employs the total number of nearly 10.000 people. Centres providing financial and accounting services employ approximately 1.000 people and another 1.000 are employed by contact centre companies.

The structure of employment in BPO SSC market

The vast majority of employees work in centres with foreign capital, which shows the scale of investment projects in the City. So far, companies from France, Great Britain, Finland, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and Sweden decided to locate their offices in Bydgoszcz.

The share of foreign centres in the structure of employment in the major business centres in Poland

The main languages used in centres located in Bydgoszcz:

The potential of local IT resources has been recognised by global corporations. Investors who already decided to locate their businesses in Bydgoszcz are, i.a.: Atos IT Services, NOKIA, SDL, Mobica, Genesys, Vivid Games, Oponeo, ASSECO, Sunrise System, iQor, Teldat, Ericsson, Bonair, Bazy i Systemy Bankowe, TEL-DAT or IT Expert.


Bydgoszcz can apply for the title of the Polish “IT Centre of Excellence” while, according to ABSL, it is becoming “the hub of large business projects in IT”.

Selected representatives of the BPO/SSC sector in Bydgoszcz:


The continuing growth rate of the sector is a good sign for the future. In 2013-2016, Bydgoszcz recorded a 70-80% increase in employment. The supply of young and talented specialists to the labour market provides good conditions for further development of existing and future shared services centres.

Changes in employment in foreign service centres in Poland in 2013-2016

A well-developed structure of public and private universities allows for a close cooperation between the academic centres and businesses. More than 4.000 students study at economic specialisations, with 3.5 thousand students in IT and language. Every year, the Bydgoszcz universities supply 9.000 graduates to the labour market. Thanks to their competences, solid education, ambition and hard work, they are considered to be excellent employees of companies from many industries.

Another important aspect is the availability of office spaces. In the past few years, Bydgoszcz modern office area has increased dynamically and today equals 74.000 m2. Along with the continuous interest in the City from outsourcing companies, the office area is growing steadily and significantly. In the near future, modern office spaces will increase by another 18 000 m2   with further 52 000 m2   planned.


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