Stages of investment process

The main stages of investment process are: obtaining a decision on the location of the public investment (in the absence of the Local Spatial Development Scheme) or a land development conditions decision, as well as a building permit.

Basic information on real property

The basic source of information on real property are:

  • Land and Building Register
  • Land and Mortgage Register

Legal titles to property

Characteristics of legal titles to property. The most common legal titles to property are: ownership, perpetual usufruct, use, lease and hire.

Land acquisition procedure

Before proceeding to the construction work, the investor must make efforts to acquire the land on which they intent to erect a building and obtain a legal title to the land. The process of obtaining the right of ownership or lease of the property depends on the owner. In the case of a property owned by the State Treasury or Gmina, the process is strictly formal.

Institutions issuing opinions, agreements and conditions

While realising the investment, the investor is obliged to obtain various opinions, agreements and conditions from competent bodies and individuals. The list presented below includes contact details which will allow investors to obtain detailed information on key issues.


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