In order to meet the expectations of entrepreneurs and streamline cooperation, we have created a programme called “Akcja Konsultacja” (Consultation Action), which allows for efficient and safe online consultations regarding financial support for its participants.

WHAT ARE THE CONSULTATIONS on financial support?


This is an online meeting with an employee of BARR, who will acquaint you with: current possibilities of obtaining financial support in the form of so-called EU loans, as well as financial products of Industrial Development Agency and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. During the online consultation you will find out which loan/guarantee fund you can use, you will learn about the loan process, and you can also have us commercially prepare your documents.




Consultations are intended both for entrepreneurs and people planning to start a business in Bydgoszcz, looking for solutions with the use of EU financial products – especially EU loans.


  1. LET’S GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER. Fill in the questionnaire – our employee will get to know your situation, which will allow us to define the scope of consultation and personalise our offer.
  2. LET’S MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. We will offer you a convenient date for an online consultation.
  3. LET’S TALK ONLINE. During the online meeting, we will recommend individual solutions based on the consultation, together with information about current programmes.
  4. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE POSSIBILITY TO PREPARE A PROPOSAL. At the request of the entrepreneur, we can commercially prepare an application. This is an additional paid service.


Stages 1-3 of the consultation are free of charge.


The first consultation will primarily cover the support facility of the “COVID-19 Liquidity Loan”.

The Liquidity Loan enables micro, small and medium-sized companies to finance expenses related to maintaining their current operations and ensuring their liquidity.

Within the framework of the loan the entrepreneur has a possibility to, among others:

  1. maintain the continuity of the company’s operations,
  2. pay employees’ remuneration costs (including premiums due to ZUS, US),
  3. pay for stock, semi-finished products, etc,
  4. payment of the company’s public and legal obligations,
  5. payment of trade liabilities, covering the costs of infrastructure use, etc,
  6. payment of current instalments of credits, loans or leasing, provided that the granted credit,
  7. the loan or lease, as well as the surety or guarantee securing it, does not come from EFSI funds, other European Union funds, programmes, measures and instruments, or other sources of domestic or foreign assistance.

Who can benefit from the consultation on the “COVID-19 liquidity loan”?

Micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises conducting business activity in the Bydgoszcz area.

Answers are provided:

Paweł Mieńciuk

Specialist BARR

tel. 785 150 558