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What is the economic potential of the City of Bydgoszcz?

Bydgoszcz is successfully changing its image from an industrial centre to a centre of modern production, technology and services. Its industrial traditions are an important context for creating the contemporary character of the city. Stable pillars of economic growth are provided by a diversified economy – in addition to a strong manufacturing sector, the warehousing and logistics market and modern business services are developing intensively here. An attractive investment offer and a friendly climate for living and doing business make Bydgoszcz a market with a great potential for further growth.


For both business development and the city, the most important aspect today is the people who create its climate, build its potential and define its identity – and I am proud to say that this is also a great asset of Bydgoszcz. The inhabitants of Bydgoszcz are passionate professionals, pursuing various projects on a global scale. They are also business leaders whose open minds and creative approach allow them to dynamically develop the local economy. At the same time, they successfully find the work-life balance in our city, which is so valued today. There is both the space for career or business development and for private life, as well as for pursuing one’s passions. It is a place where balance is of great value.


Our city attracts a growing number of investors and tourists, and at the same time cares about being a place that is friendly to live in. Bydgoszcz is not only the most important business and academic centre in the region, but also a city of culture and sports. It is also the greenest city in Poland, where residents and visitors can enjoy relaxation in charming parks, forest complexes and riverside areas. Everyone here has a chance to find something for themselves.


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Rafał Bruski

The Mayor of the City of Bydgoszcz